Iglesia Jesús Nazareno de Aldachildo
The Jesus Nazarene Church of Aldachildo (Iglesia Jesús Nazareno de Aldachildo) is a Catholic Temple located in the village of Aldachildo, municipality of Puqueldón, in Lemuy Island.

It is believed to have been built in 1910 and the wood species used were mainly cypress, coigue, and larch. It has a narrow tower, made up by one square base and two bodies, ending in a spire.

Its central nave presents a barrel vault supported by separate pillars and semicircular arches. Its vaulted ceiling is splattered by hundreds of small yellow stars. Between the arches separating the central nave from the lateral aisles there are floral decorations painted in red and yellow.

It was declared National Monument in August 1999 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Its patron festivity is celebrated every August 30 honoring Jesus Nazarene.
Practical Information
Address: Aldachildo, Puqueldón, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious Festivity: Jesus Nazarene (August 30)

Parish Priest: Patricio Garrido Cornejo

Email: parroquialemuy@gmail.com
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