Iglesia Natividad de María de Ichuac
The Nativity of Mary Church of Ichuac (Iglesia Natividad de María de Ichuac) is a Catholic Temple located on the west end of Lemuy Island, in the municipality of Puqueldón.

It was built around 1880, mainly with cypress, coigue, and larch wood. Its façade presents a portico with pillars, as well as pointed and diminished arches. In its interior, the walls are painted white, while the roof maintains its natural wooden color.

In its front there is a painted clock marking three o’clock. It is said to correspond to the time Jesus died or that it marks the time when the tsunami of 1960 occurred.

It was declared National Monument in August 1999, and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Its patron festivity takes place February 2 honoring the Virgin of Candelaria.
Practical Information
Address: Ichuac, Puqueldón. Los Lagos Region

Main Religious Festivity: Virgin of Candelaria (February 2)

Parish Priest: Patricio Garrido Cornejo

Email: parroquialemuy@gmail.com
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