Iglesia de San Antonio de Vilupulli
The Saint Anthony Church of Vilupulli (Iglesia San Antonio de Vilupulli) is a Catholic temple located in the town by the same name, north of the city and municipality of Chonchi. It is placed on a hill directly overlooking the channel of Yal, one of the channels of the inner sea of Chiloé. Vilupulli is characterized by its condition as a coastal village growing around the church, in which ceremonial spaces characteristic of Circular Mission are preserved, as well as its surrounding landscape of high importance, given its geographical conditions.

Although the exact date of its construction is unknown, Father Gabriel Guarda stated that a part of it might date from late XVIII century. On the other hand, according to a text compiled by the Bishop of Ancud based on oral accounts gathered in the area, the chapel was built through “mingas” (cooperative community work) and started construction around 1900.

Its measures are 28 meters in length by 12 meters in width. In addition, it holds a thin 18-meter-high tower. In its interior, religious imagery stands out, among which are clothed saints and especially its “Sitting Virgin”, a polychrome blue-eyed wooden icon depicted stepping on the devil.

It was declared National Monument in July 1971 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. The patron festivity of this church takes place every June 13 honoring Saint Anthony.
Practical Information
Address: W-625, Vilupulli, Chonchi, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious Festivity: Saint Anthony (June 13)

Parish Priest: Edito Rain Quediman

Email: padre_edito@gmail.com
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