Iglesia San Francisco de Castro
The Saint Francis Church of Castro (Iglesia San Francisco de Castro) is a Catholic temple located in front of the Central Square of the city of Castro, capital of the Chiloé Province.

The first temple of the city was built with the name of James the Apostle, however, it was burned down by Dutch pirates and rebuilt on several occasions, until its complete destruction in 1771. Since then, an old chapel constructed by the Jesuit was utilized as a temple, where eventually Franciscans settled. Years later, in the same place next to the Central Square, the temple which remains until today was built. Its construction started in the year 1910 to finish two years later, and Father Angel Subiabre, Superior of the convent at the time, oversaw the work.

The design of the church belongs to the Italian architect and Franciscan priest Eduardo Provasoli. It was built by carpenters from Chiloé directed by Salvador Sierpe. In its structure, woods from the area were used, such as larch, cypress, coigue, and others called “red” in Chiloé. The inside is made of raulí and olivillo, while the front, roof, and external cladding are made of metal standing seams. The temple measures over 1,400m2, broken down into 52 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 16 meters high. In addition, it has an octagonal dome above the high altar measuring 32 meters, and two 42-meter-high towers.

This construction departs from Chilote tradition in some respects, given that it conjugates a neogothic and classical design with the local building tradition. Its naves have ribbed vaults and are separated by columns and semicircular arches. Its windows are decorated with stained glass, which provides interesting lighting on the wood. In its interior there is an icon of the Archangel Michael Victorious over Satan, one icon of Saint Alberto Hurtado, and a replica of the image of the Nazarene found in the Church of Caguach.

It was declared National Monument in July 1979 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. The patron festivity of the temple is celebrated every October 4, honoring Saint Francis of Assisi.
Practical Information
Address: unnumbered Gamboa St., Castro, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious festivity: Saint Francis of Assisi (October 4)

Parish Priest: Friar Julio Campos Miranda

Phone Number: 65-2632397

Email: p.a.stgo@gmail.com
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