Iglesia San Antonio de Colo
The Saint Anthony Church of Colo (Iglesia San Antonio de Colo) is a Catholic Temple located in the village of Colo, in the municipality of Quemchi. It is surrounded by a series of tree species, close to the Colo Stream. It is the smallest church out of the cast of sixteen recognized as World Heritage.

Its construction took place during the second half of the XIX century. It is built using mainly coigue and cypress, and stone foundations support its entire structure. Among its architectural features its tower stands out, formed by two bodies of octagonal plant, ending in a spire. Its interior has two lateral naves, and a central one, crowned by a barrel vault configured as semicircular arch, which is supported by cylindrical pillars.

It was declared National Monument in August of 1999 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Its patron festivity is celebrated every June 13 honoring Saint Anthony.
Practical Information
Address: W.223, Colo, Quemchi, Los Lagos Region

Main Religious Festivity: Saint Anthony (June 13)

Parish Priest: Pedro Barria Guerrero

Email: naruto.pedro@gmail.com
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