Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Gracia de Villa Quinchao
The Our Lady of Grace Church of Villa Quinchao (Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Gracia de Villa Quinchao) is a Catholic temple located in the municipality of Quinchao, in the southern area of the island. It is placed less than one block away from the coast, in front of an esplanade which serves as an atrium during the festivities.

Its construction started during the XVIII century and ended in 1880. The woods used to build it were mainly, cypress, cinnamon, and hazel. It responds to the basic form of missionary church of Chiloé, consisting of a great volume of horizontal proportion with gabled roof, assembling with a vertical body, the tower façade. This architectural element, the most defining of Chilote churches, is made up by the portico entrance, the gable or pediment, and the tower itself. Towards 1906, it had to be rebuilt partially and on an undetermined date the external corridors were removed. In addition, after the earthquake of 1960, concrete foundations were added and in 1993 perimeter wooden props were incorporated.

It is the second largest church in the World Heritage Site, measuring 53 meters in length, 18 meters in width, and having a tower of over 18 meters high. This is due to the great number of devotees gathered by its patron festivity.

It was declared National Monument in July 1971 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. The main festivity of this church is celebrated every December 8 honoring its patron Our Lady of Grace.
Practical Information
Address: Quinchao, Quinchao, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious Festivity: Our Lady of Grace (December 8)

Parish Priest: Carlos Cárdenas Velazquez

Phone Number: 65 - 2661356
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