Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Dalcahue
The Our Lady of Sorrows Church of Dalcahue (Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores de Dalcahue) is a Catholic Temple located in front of the Central Square of the city of Dalcahue. Its placement provides an ample panoramic view, since it faces the channel separating the Greater Island of Chiloé from Quinchao Island.

It is one of the largest and oldest in Chiloé because, although the construction of its current temple started in 1893 and ended in 1902, there are records indicating that it might date as far back as 1858. It was built on the foundation of the previous missionary chapel built by the Jesuit. It is 38 meters long, 17 meters wide, and its tower reaches 26 meters high.

On the outside it is cladded with larch shingles, while for the rest of its construction, mainly cypress and ulmo were used. It has a neoclassical style reflected in its portico with nine arches: six pointed arches, two Tudor-style arches, and a central semicircular arch. Spatially, it has three naves and a barrel vault. It has an altar with wooden saints, in addition to a polychrome icon of Christ crucified with hinges in his armpits, indicating that it had been designed for the ceremony of unnailing on Good Friday.

It was declared National Monument in July 1971 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. The patron festivity of this church takes place every September 15 honoring our Lady of Sorrows.
Practical Information
Address: unnumbered Teniente Merino St., Dalcahue, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious Festivity: Our Lady of Sorrows (September 15)

Parish Priest: Pedro Barria Guerrero

Phone Number: 65- 2641456

Email: naruto.pedro@gmail.com
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