Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio de Tenaún
The Our Lady of the Patronage Church of Tenaún (Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio de Tenaún) is a Catholic Temple located next to the Square of the town of Tenaún, municipality of Dalcahue. Its location in a diagonal position is different from other Chilote churches, facing the sea and the Square simultaneously.

Built mid XIX century, it is the most imposing construction of the town, standing out for its three towers and because it protrudes off the axis, allowing its view from afar, mainly from the sea. Its exterior stands out for its bright colors, its façade is painted in blue, white, and red, and it has two eye-catching stars. In its interior it is possible to observe the light blue vaulted ceiling. It is 42 meters long by 14 wide, and its 26-meter-high tower are built mainly in cypress, mañio, cinnamon, and hazel. Its exterior cladding has experienced some changes, such as that of 1920 concerning the incorporation of metal standing seams in some areas.

It was declared National Monument in August 1999 and World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Our Lady of the Patronage is the patron of the temple and its festivity takes place on January 30.
Practical Information
Address: unnumbered Teniente Merino St., Tenaún, Dalcahue, Los Lagos Region.

Main Religious Festivity: Our Lady of the Patronage (January 30)

Parish Priest: Pedro Barria Guerrero

Email: naruto.pedro@gmail.com
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